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Music & Meditation

A special concert combining Western and Indian classical music with guided meditation
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Starting with a First Nations welcome ceremony by Kevin Kelly and Michael Kelly Gabriel, the audience will be taken on a journey opening the heart and mind through joyful, spiritual music. The music will be accompanied by an exercise in meditation, which viewers are asked to try throughout the performances.

Recorded live at the Surrey Arts Centre in British Columbia, Canada.


  1. Classical Indian dance - Eishitaa Rajeev
  2. "Apani Panaah Mein" - Surrey Yuva Shakti Choir
  3. "Morning Has Broken" - Surrey Yuva Shakti Choir
  4. Meditation Introduction
  5. Cello Solo - Nandini Singh
  6. "Merry Go Round of Life" on Violin and Cello - Jeanette Bernal-Singh and Nandini Singh
  7. Violin Solo - Jeanette Bernal-Singh
  8. "Raag Hansadhwani" - Upon All Shores Ensemble
  9. "Raag Puriya Kalyan" - Sharanjeet Singh Mand and Sunny Matharu

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Surrey Yuva Shakti

A group of youth who practice Sahaja Yoga meditation, a simple meditation technique. (Yuva meaning “young” and Shakti, “power”) Many members have travelled the world giving free music and meditation programs both for the general public and specifically geared toward youth.

Kevin Kelly and Michael Kelly Gabriel

Kevin Kelly is the husband of Marilyn Gabriel, the hereditary chief of Kwantlen First Nation and Michael Kelly Gabriel is their son. Together Kevin and Michael have become recognizable by Surrey residents, regularly welcoming people into the Kwantlen territory at events throughout Surrey. They have shown strong compassion and support for Indigenous youth, including hosting youth at Kwantlen to connect them to Indigenous culture and have a deep commitment to sharing their cultural traditions and teachings with the broader Surrey community.

Upon All Shores Ensemble

This family of artists started practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation and studying Indian music at a young age and continue to pass on their traditions to the next generation. The group consists of husband and wife, Ajay and Chitra Chettiar, Rajeev Rajan and wife Remmiya Rajeev and their son Rishi Rajeev. As well, their daughter Eishitta Rajeev performs the opening dance at the beginning of the program. Their collaboration inspires the notion: The family that plays together stays together!  

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Music is a great aid to a deep meditation experience. Personalize the soundtrack to your session with our custom music player, featuring exclusive recordings from world-class musicians.

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Music and MeditationMusic and Meditation

A livestream combining Western and Indian classical music with guided meditation. Featuring dance, choir, violin & cello, and classical sitar - alongside a guided meditation.

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