Meditation ExperiencesMeditation Experiences

The aim of meditation is not to experience something extraordinary and spectacular, rather it is to become extraordinary. It is the rare experience of going beyond all expectations we've conjured with the mind and instead being simply silent inside. At its essence, it is to be yourself through and true. This is Sahaja Yoga.

Brilliant FloralsBrilliant Florals

Colourful hand-painted designs from textile designer Holly Firth, inspired by nature and traditional artisanal processes.

Happiness and JoyHappiness and Joy

Rachele Lanza shares the feeling of childlike joy that meditation has allowed her to maintain throughout her life.

History of MeditationHistory of Meditation

The exact origin of meditation cannot be defined, but its purposes are clear. It has existed before recorded history, and separately originated in many cultures across the globe. This article will demonstrate that despite these varied origins, meditation has a common core across cultures.