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Blossom Time

Shu Qin Lo, MY
Meditating for 20 years

Blossom Time

O Wondrous one!
Whose formless wonder lends beauty
to imperfect form
As the sun lends beauty even to ruin.
Adorn me with your adoration!
Were that my soul, Your garden -
And your exultation, its soil -
Whose blossom-fragrance lingers long
after full bloom.

How beautiful is the rose

How beautiful it is to become!
As night shifts into day with the glory of sunrise,
A flower before bloom does not beauty compromise.

O give me strength to know my place
And carry my station with appropriate grace,
Give patience to walk, then run,
Lest for haste, my growth's undone.

For You, I still my beating heart!
For You, I play my given part!
For You, I strive to metamorphose;
O, For You, this bud will be a rose.

About the artist
Shu Qin Lo, MY
Meditating for 20 years

Mayalsian born Shu Qin Lo is currently training in London to be a solicitor.

“I meditate because it is true freedom. In silence and thoughtlessness, I become ever closer to the calyx of my identity, and in that self-discovery, I become free of my external conditionings and influences. Meditation always unearths profound emotions and inspirations that startle me with their sublimity. My poems serve both to express the joy I experience in meditation, and to document a lifelong journey into myself.