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10-week Video Course


Let's go!

Welcome to our 10-week video course! We will be adding new videos here regularly, so feel free to come back here any time to review what you already saw or watch the next one. Scroll down to get started...

Part 1: The Channels

Check out our first video where we look into the subtle system, our energy channels and their functions and qualities.

Part 1: The Channels

Part 2: Love and Fear

On the Anahata chakra, the heart centre, and its qualities and pitfalls.

Part 2: Love & fear

Part 3: The Ego and Super-ego

On the two treacherous aspects of our mind, and their tricks and disguises.

Part 3: ego & super-ego

Part 4: Inner Peace

This session we get to know the third chakra: the Nabhi chakra, which governs our (inner) peace, satisfaction, and self-mastery

Part 4: The Nabhi Chakra

Part 5: Creativity and Pure Attention

This session deals with the second energy centre, the Swadisthana Chakra, and its beautiful qualities of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge.

part 5: Creativity & Pure Attention

Part 6: Innocence

On the qualities of Innocence, wisdom, spontaneity,... related to the first chakra: the Mooladhara

part 6: Innocence

Part 7: Ego

Next up: we go more in-depth on the ego and its identification, justifications,...

Part 7: Ego

Part 8: Super-Ego

After expanding on the ego, we go a little deeper on the topic of the super-ego.

Part 8: Super-Ego

Part 9: Communication

We almost reached the last one! This session we focus on the 5th chakra, called as Vishuddhi, which is located at the level of the throat.

Part 9: Communication

Part 10: Beeja Mantras

In the last video we introduce mantras, by using 1 syllable "beeja" mantras. Meditate with us and discover how it works!

Part 10: Beeja Mantras


You're all set for the meditation this Thursday, right-on! See you there, and welcome back next week to find the next video. You can click bellow button to join the meditation on Monday 7pm, Thursday 7pm or Saturday 11am BST directly!