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Happiness and Joy

Rachele Lanza, IT
Meditating for 20 years

Most of my poems are inspired by the feelings my meditations offer me and by the endless experiences the Sahaja collectivity presents. The way I see the world, I perceive it, is completely transformed by what I feel inside, by my state of mind, by my emotions and all of these aspects are influenced by my meditations. Sahaja Yoga meditation and its founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, are at the foundation of who I am and I believe that my poems are a reflection of the gratitude and the joy I feel inside my heart.

Happiness and Joy

That of happiness and joy
Is the memory of childhood toy
When strings of puppets fly
To Her sweet sweet lullaby

A melody of king and knight,
Chasing life's endless fight,
Where daisies yellow bloomed
With tangled crowns tuned
Where we sang and we swung
Bathing in the warmth of the sun
And we ran and we chased,
With no fear ever faced.

And yet now I ask
In this flash so bright, so fast
Will our hearts still be one
And our thoughts only some?
Will our days once more be
In the green ocean free?

For a castle built my heart
Since the very very start
And crumble it must not
With a single idle thought.
So strong we must stay
And forever pray
Our Mother of peace and bliss
To hold on to Her gentle kiss.

About the artist
Rachele Lanza, IT
Masters Student of International Management
Meditating for 20 years

Rachele Lanza is a Linguistics graduate from Rome, now completing her two years Masters Degree in International Management.

“Throughout my life and especially during my studies, Sahaja Yoga meditation was not only a great help to relax and concentrate but also a safe place to find my true self and introspect on who I am and how to be better. Meditating every day allows me to free my mind and feel that satisfaction we always seek as human beings. It’s something so unique and special to me and it’s part of who I am. Furthermore, being able to bring that tranquility with me, inside me, no matter where I go or what I do, is such a great gift."