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I Meditate to Regenerate

Virat Raj Goyal, DE
Meditating for 20 years

I’m consumed with delight
Feeling that glorious shade penetrate,
Into my body & soul’s inner sight,
Such peace! It fills my very soul,
Woke up this morning feeling one & whole,
You see, here's the real Equation
I had to do the Division & the Multiplication,
In my Circumference, my Radius, my Estimations,
But I’m to be patient and show dedication
And try to listen to my higher self for them Revelations,
I Meditate to Regenerate!
To make them negativities dissipate,
To make my soul elevate,
And mind contemplate,
Sometimes I feel it’s too good to be true,
Something’s gotta be down,
In my mind I’ve been mistaken,
It’s Inner-Peace that I’ve found,
But it's not just about the I & Me, but also the Us & We,
For we are on the quest together to climb Life’s spirit tree,
We meditate to stimulate,
The soul of the graduate,
To a Higher state of Being,
To a state of observing and seeing,
We meditate today, tomorrow & each new morn,
Through this inner-peace each day is born,
What else could we ever need?
Of love, immoral we’ve the Sees,
Don’t leave them muscles tense, forget your troubles,
It all makes sense,
Cross your legs, point your fingers towards the Skies,
Take a deep breath & close your eyes,
Meet your true soul as moments trace,
Dream of being whole and thoughtless in time & space,
The abstract state makes patterns synch,
You got to meditate to bridge and link,
To share our joy of giving,
Folks! Come & Join to be one,
For the peace that we bring
Is much, much warmer than the Sun

About the artist
Virat Raj Goyal, DE
Aerospace Engineer
Meditating for 20 years

Virat, aged 23, is an Aerospace Engineer based in Canada/Germany currently in India. “I've technically been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation since my birth. My parents have been in it even longer when they were seeking together after their marriage. Meditation allows me to tap into that collective silence and gives me a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life while still being an active part of it. Mediation and the spirit of seeking also has a significant influence and is what inspires my poetry and reading among other things.”