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I Wish To Be

Prasad Beaven, UK
Meditating for 8 years

"Inspiration can spring from anywhere, in any moment and sometimes this inspiration, this desire, can be so strong that it just manifests in whatever you are doing. While I feel stuck or trapped in some way the thought of pines trees, the grandeur of nature transports me to another place where I am free."

I wish to be

I wish to be amongst the pine
The growing woods and the flowers that shine
The surrounding mountains grand and tall
Creating a platform for water's steep fall
Colours golden, green, azure
The excitement, the opportunity to explore
I feel the jubilation spreading inside
The joy of nature all at once realised
If I could stay here and be anywhere
My worries and thoughts would be without care
What we have so natural and sweet
Will always reside beneath our feet

About the artist
Prasad Beaven, UK
Masters Student of Visual Islamic and Traditional Art
Meditating for 8 years

Returning to London to start his Masters Degree in Visual Islamic and Traditional Art, Prasad Beaven spent the last two years working as a primary school teacher in a remote town in Italy, surrounded by mountains and a river.

“Meditation is something that I have unravelled throughout my life. I meditate because it gives me a state of peace and balance through which I can separate myself from all of life’s daily hurdles. Meditation is a moment where I can refill my creativity, my love for life, a moment to contemplate who I am and what I wish to gain from my time on earth. This state one can gain through meditation makes my whole artistic process become very natural by which I can witness a creation forming.”