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On Being

Diana Robertson, UK
Meditating for 6 years

Diana's poetry is inspired from the feeling of joy that she has found through meditation and she calls for anyone who earnestly seeks alleviation from their worldly and personal troubles to look inside and utilise the tools of change that lie dormant within themselves, that they can uncover through meditation.

On Being

Come out from the shade of the Tree of Illusion, for only light can destroy the depths from whence your anger came.

With all you are, find the flame!

Do not halt your search until you find it and find it true. Let your receptacle of a being be filled and, lucent, overspill into every vessel it meets, filling indifference with feeling, cold with care.

Joys are to be your findings, awaiting on your small and avid hands. Seek now and enter into the dynamic of desperation, let it be all that you can know.

Seek it, oh soul of Love, before even the impending crepuscular light fades away and after all that could have been

-is gone.

We, pieces of you

Another day passes, under this sun,
These care-filled beams of God's watchful love,
Guided you've been today
and ever will be
The past hails the future,
in present eternally.
Yet as this night draws near,
I sit and I kneel
Close tired hands in prayer,
I sit and I feel
A part of something bigger than today's daily race,
Like a small puzzle piece
who's found just its right place
Whose corners relax,
Whose edges form grace,
Whose small heart finds rest by our Father's

About the artist
Diana Robertson, UK
Meditating for 6 years

Educated in Comparative Literature, Diana now works as a teacher of literature and history in an international boarding school. Although only recently taking on a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Politics, she has long been concerned with the state of global affairs and interested in the resolution of international conflict.

With a deep desire for world-wide peace, not only in the global political world but on an individual level too, Diana has found, through her own experience, that inner transformation is where this process starts, affirming that Kundalini awakening through the innocuous techniques of Sahaja Yoga is the surest way towards self-content and inner peace.