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Meditate America is a project to bring meditation instructors from around the world to the United States and Canada, to share the benefits of meditation as a freely given community service.

Meditation is now widely accepted and practiced across the country. Many know the benefits, but lack the opportunity or motivation to take the first step. Our trained volunteers will be visiting major cities across the USA and Canada offering free, easy access classes in workplaces and in the community.

Two women meditating on a grass hill under a tree.
Sacramento, Love America 2018

About Meditation

Meditation is best understood as a state of ‘mental silence’ in which one is fully alert and aware but free of the unnecessary thoughts or worries that lead to many of life’s daily stresses.

We spend much of our daily lives bombarded by thoughts and anxieties about the future, or regrets about the past. Meditation is the practice of bringing our attention into the present, where for the first time your mind can relax in a state of inner peace.

For many the practice of meditation has been life changing. It brings balance, introspection, and the ability to give up self-defeating habits.

What to expect in a class?

No prior experience is required. All will be explained during the class. Classes are experience-focused, and we encourage you to not take anything for granted but instead simply try the techniques and observe how it affects you.

No special equipment is required. The classes involve meditative techniques, rather than physical exercises. The classes are open to all ages and offered free of charge.

Instructors are volunteers, drawing on and motivated by their own profound experience of meditation. At the end of each class you will be offered a pamphlet summarising the techniques covered and encouraged to continue your meditations at home and attending ongoing free classes to support you in meditating at home.

Our Volunteers
A young man meditating on a beach looking into the sunset.

Participating Cities

The 2020 project will be visiting roughly 50 cities across Canada and the mainland USA.

Love America 2018

This project is a follow-up to our previous "Love America" tour in 2018. At that time we visited roughly 30 cities in the United States, offering around 350 free classes. We were encouraged by the positive response and effect on individuals who attended the tour, and have decided to return this year hoping to make an even bigger impact.

Organise a Class in Your City

We are also offering classes in workplaces, schools, and in partnership with community organisations. The workshops are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of your location. If you would like learn more about hosting a class in your workplace or community, then please visit our companion site. Contact details are also available on that site.