Hand on Chakra

When is it used?

Sometimes you might feel as though you cannot breathe, your head hurts or your stomach is cramped. This could be an indication that an imbalance in a certain Chakra has manifested physically. Perhaps we do not always feel a physical effect, but know that as a personality we may be lacking one of the essential qualities of a certain Chakra. Or we might feel on our hands that a certain Chakra is not flowing, and is manifesting as heat or tingling on our palms or fingertips. Using only your hands and attention you can clear the Chakra responsible for an imbalance or a physical ailment in its early stage (advanced ailments require professional medical care).

How is it done?

Use the Chakra Chart to determine the location of each Chakra. To be comfortable, if the chakra is on the left-side of your body, use your right hand, and vice-versa. Place your right hand on the Chakra that you want to strengthen, while keeping your left hand rested on your lap, palm upward. You can refer to the qualities of the chakra in need for this.Imagine you want to enhance your ability to communicate - all you need to do is place your right hand on your throat, where the Vishuddhi Chakra is located. Keep your hand and attention there for some minutes.

You can also say an affirmation or prayer inside while doing so: “Mother, I am communicative and expressive“ or “Mother Kundalini please make me communicative and expressive”. For the Mooladhara Chakra we place our right hand on or towards Mother Earth, as it is directly connected to the earth.

Why does it work?

A person who is having a panic attack will instinctively feel weak in the chest, have a racing heartbeat, and may clutch at their heart to try to calm down. A mother will give her child a tap on the back saying “You can do this son,” or teammates might give each other a hug to express support. These examples demonstrate instinctive knowledge of how to activate a Chakra in charge of a certain quality. In this case - confidence, fearlessness and courage, located in our Heart Chakra.

An awakened Kundalini means that our whole being becomes more connected than ever before, and that we can harness positive energy to heal ourselves. With our hands we can direct our Kundalini to where nourishment is needed and work on the core of all the functions in our body - the Chakras.