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Agnya Chakra

In Life

How to open the Agnya

By manifesting the qualities of our Agnya chakra in our daily life, this center can grow stronger, deepening our meditations and making us less susceptible to blockages in this center. When we neglect this chakra we can become very self-centered, angry personalities, always criticising ourselves and others, and can find it impossible to let go of our thoughts or forgive.

Tips for improving your Agnya chakra:

- Shake off those negative conditionings! If you have a habit which you know is bad for you, try to see it as something coming from outside of yourself, and so losing it does not mean changing 'yourself'.

- Laugh at yourself! No one is perfect and the only way we can improve is by dealing with our mistakes in a humble manner.

- Be open to the ideas of others around you. Everyone has had a different experience in life and we all have something valuable to share.

- Forgive! Anger is a self-destructive emotion which weighs us down. Let go of the past, and feel how free and light you suddenly become!

Cleansing Techniques
Candle Flame

Candle Flame

Feeling lethargic, overly-emotional or depressed? The left channel functions properly when we are in a balanced emotional state. This channel can freeze up when out of balance, leaving us feeling sad or helpless. To bring light and warmth back within, try a candle flame!

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Hand on Chakra

Hand on Chakra

We can heal ourselves with the energy that flows through our hands, once our Kundalini is awakened. Placing our hand on a Chakra is an easy and effective way of invigorating it and strengthening its qualities in us.

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Shri Mataji's Words

Shri Mataji's Words
Shri Mataji on Agnya Chakra
Ancient Knowledge

Son of Man

Jesus Christ, worshipped in Christianity as the Son of God, was the embodiment of humility and forgiveness. During the course of his lifetime, his teachings were always that of unconditional love, even for those who would harm him. Upon his crucifixion, while he was being tortured and tormented, his words were ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’. This is possibly the highest example of forgiveness to mankind.

Over the centuries, different interpretations of the Bible have brought forth diverse (and sometimes conflicting) practices of Christianity, but one truth which is undeniable amongst all groups is that Jesus Christ brought a new awareness of how we can become higher beings through our power of forgiveness. Although the divine status of Jesus is disputed among various world religions, he and his teachings are widely respected.

In Islam, Jesus is revered as a prophet, i.e. a messenger of God. In Judaism, he is also seen as a great teacher of faith. The purpose of his life is also described in the ancient vedas of Hinduism. It is clear that no matter what our particular beliefs or practices are, there is a universally recognised truth that we can learn from the life of Jesus Christ. When manifested, these teachings of humility and forgiveness open up our Agnya chakra and bring us to a state which goes far beyond the limits of the human mind.