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How to open the Heart

By manifesting the qualities of our Heart chakra in our daily life, this center can grow stronger, deepening our meditations and making us less susceptible to blockages. When we neglect this chakra it can be difficult to feel love for ourselves and for others, and therefore we do not fully enjoy or bring joy to others.

Tips improving your Heart chakra:

- Try to not to over-prioritize your body-shape, intellect, house, car, income or anything else by which you might measure your value. Your true self is not connected to any of these things!

- Take a chore which you don’t particularly enjoy and see it as the ultimate way to show your love for others. How much can you express just by washing the dishes?

- If you feel the fear factor kicking in, tell it ‘No!’. All fears are simply illusions preventing us from enjoying life and require a firm stand to banish them once and for all.

- Love yourself! Give yourself the same treatment as you would give your best friend, you deserve it!

Cleansing Techniques
Candle Flame

Candle Flame

Feeling lethargic, overly-emotional or depressed? The left channel functions properly when we are in a balanced emotional state. This channel can freeze up when out of balance, leaving us feeling sad or helpless. To bring light and warmth back within, try a candle flame!

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Hand on Chakra

Hand on Chakra

We can heal ourselves with the energy that flows through our hands, once our Kundalini is awakened. Placing our hand on a Chakra is an easy and effective way of invigorating it and strengthening its qualities in us.

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Shri Mataji's Words

Shri Mataji's Words
Shri Mataji on Heart Chakra
Ancient Knowledge

A Mother's Love

In every culture and religion, one can find great tales of the immense power of a mother’s love and the lengths that she will go to in order to protect her children. It is this deep sense of love which gives a child security in their heart and removes their fears.

In Hinduism, the goddess Durga is the great warrior mother who defeats all the enemies of her children. A fearsome, yet extremely compassionate figure who rides on tiger yielding great weapons with her many arms, she fights tirelessly to free her children from the evils of ego, fears and desires. The Devi Mahatmya, a sacred Hindu text, tells of how she was the only divine figure powerful enough to slay the demon Mahisha, thus proving that a mother’s love is stronger than any other. This epic battle between good and evil is celebrated with a nine day festival at the beginning of October, called Navaratri. During this time, worshippers of goddess Durga pray for the destruction of the enemies of the spirit which exist within us, such as lust, greed and anger.

While the stories recounted in these sacred texts do not appear to resemble any modern scene of the world today, we all still fight our own battles on a daily basis. With the motherly love of our Kundalini are empowered to overcome all of our inner demons.