Left Channel

Qualities of the Left Side

The left channel of the central nervous system governs our desires and emotions. As the awakening of our Kundalini energy through the process of Self Realisation is facilitated through our pure desire to know our true selves, the protocol focuses on the left channel. This channel can become blocked either by being over-emotional, becoming easily sad and lethargic, or by blocking off our emotions entirely and being harsh with ourselves. By clearing our left channel we can experience absolute emotions such as unconditional love, peace and joy.

The left channel also corresponds to our relationship with our past. When we feel negative emotions it is often because subconsciously we are holding onto a bad experience which causes us to close our hearts and react negatively rather than treat the current situation with an open clean heart. Therefore someone who can be described as more ‘left-sided’ typically dwells on the past, becoming overly sentimental and feeling easily down-hearted and unmotivated.


How to balance the Left Channel.

By manifesting the qualities of our Left channel in our daily life, this channel can grow stronger, deepening our meditations and making us less susceptible to imbalances. When we neglect this channel we can either become shut off from our emotional side, or indulge too far into it and become melancholy or lethargic.

Tips for improving your Left Channel:

- Try getting up early in the morning. The whole of nature rises early and the energy that comes with being in tune with this rhythm helps to get out of any lingering lethargy.

- If you feel like it’s sometimes hard to show your feelings, take a walk in the sunshine and allow its warm rays to relax your body and open up your heart.

- Try meditating outside on the ground. The earth has an amazing capacity to give us a feeling of stability and relieve us of any heavy feelings.

Foot Soak

Foot Soak

Simple and inexpensive, soaking your feet in saltwater is the daily habit you didn’t know you needed. Imagine standing with your feet in the ocean, letting it soothe your stresses away and calm your mind. Luckily, foot-soaking can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

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Candle Flame

Candle Flame

Feeling lethargic, overly-emotional or depressed? The left channel functions properly when we are in a balanced emotional state. This channel can freeze up when out of balance, leaving us feeling sad or helpless. To bring light and warmth back within, try a candle flame!

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Shri Mataji's Words

Shri Mataji's Words
Shri Mataji on The Left Channel
Ancient Knowledge


Since man’s discovery of fire, it has played a central role in our daily lives, not only as a practical tool for light, heating and warding off danger, but also as a depiction of the human spirit and a sacred element used in rituals and worship.

The intrinsic relationship between fire and spirituality can be seen across many different cultures and religions throughout the ages. The very same flame which is lit today during the Olympic Games is reminiscent of the flame that the ancient Greeks burnt in honour of Zeus during major religious festivals. In the bible, God comes before man numerous times in the form of a holy fire, such as the burning bush which speaks to Moses. Agni, the Hindu god of fire, is mentioned more times in the Vedic hymns than any other deity and Hindu worship of other gods is mostly through fire rituals. This is because out of the four elements (earth, water, fire and air) fire is the only element which cannot be polluted.

While the practices and beliefs surrounding the spiritual significance of fire differ from person to person, what is undeniable is fire’s ability to comfort and soothe us. Whether we’re curled up by the fire on a winter’s evening, or eating dinner by candlelight, just the sight of a flame can burn away any negative feelings and lift our spirits.