Right Channel

Qualities of the Right Channel

The right channel of the central nervous system corresponds with all of our thoughts and actions. The liver, which processes sugars to produce energy for the brain, plays an important role in keeping our right side in balance. This channel can become blocked when we are thinking too much, which actually inhibits our dynamism as we have less energy and are less able to act spontaneously without planning. By clearing the right channel we can remove thoughts that prevent us from keeping our attention on what we are doing and therefore we can carry out our actions more efficiently and indeed more joyfully.

The right channel also corresponds with our relationship with our future. Stress and overthinking often occur as we are anticipating what is yet to occur, planning out our actions and worrying about the results. Therefore someone who can be described as more ‘right-sided’ usually has a very active mind and body, sometimes finding it hard to relax and often has their attention on the future.


How to balance your Right Channel

By manifesting the qualities of our Right Channel in our daily life, this channel can grow stronger, deepening our meditations and making us less susceptible to imbalances. When we neglect this channel our minds and our bodies can become too active, causing lack of focus, irritability and stunting our joy.

Tips for improving your right channel:

- Try to avoid using your personal devices first thing in the morning and late at night to keep your attention more settled. Aeroplane mode between evening and morning meditations works wonders!

- Water, water, water! Whether it’s taking a refreshing shower in the morning, having a relaxing footsoak during the evening, or just remembering to stay well-hydrated throughout the day, water is an essential element for cooling down an over-heated right side.

- Make sure you’re getting enough zzzz. While it might sometimes be difficult to fit in the right hours of sleep, it is essential to give your mind and body the rest it needs in order to stay in balance.

Cleansing Techniques
Foot Soak

Foot Soak

Simple and inexpensive, soaking your feet in saltwater is the daily habit you didn’t know you needed. Imagine standing with your feet in the ocean, letting it soothe your stresses away and calm your mind. Luckily, foot-soaking can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

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Ice on Liver

Ice on Liver

Feeling overworked and exhausted? The liver is like an overheated running engine, constantly working to provide fuel for the brain. Cool your thoughts down by meditating with an ice pack on your liver.

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Shri Mataji's Words

Shri Mataji's Words
Shri Mataji on The Right Channel

The Great Devotee

The Ramayana is one of the two main Sanskrit epics of ancient India, written by sage Valmiki c.500BC-100 BC. The 24,000 verses recount the tales of Rama, the benevolent king of Ayodhya, and among the central characters is Hanuman, the monkey lord who is completely devoted to Rama. Although he is blessed with many astonishing powers, such as limitless strength, Hanuman’s only desire is to please Rama.

In one story Hanuman is tasked with fetching a herb for Rama, to heal his brother Lakshmana. When Hanuman goes to the mountain he cannot find the herb and so in his earnestness to fulfil his duty he lifts up the whole mountain and brings it to Rama. Despite not being able to initially complete his task, Hanuman wastes no time getting frustrated or worrying. Instead, his attention goes immediately to an alternative solution and he acts swiftly and spontaneously, lead only by the desire in his heart to do the right thing.

While the story may seem abstract compared with modern life, it is true that all of us meet obstacles when we are trying to carry out everyday tasks. We often become annoyed when things don’t go according to our plans, wasting time and energy and lowering our levels of joy. Inspired by Hanuman’s pure attention on the present moment we can detach from all of our planning and act spontaneously according to the current situation, reducing our thoughts and allowing us to remain calm and joyful.