Sahasrara Chakra

The Sanskrit word ‘Sahastr’ means ‘one thousand’. This chakra is said to be like a flower with a thousand petals, which correspond to the thousand nerves which end in the limbic area where our Sahasrara chakra is situated. Before the awakening of our Kundalini, it is like a closed bud, covered by the balloon-like structures of our ego and superego. Once our Sahasrara is pierced by our Kundalini, all these nerves get enlightened and we connect to the power that created us: the power of Divine Love.

It is at this point, when the Sahasrara chakra is opened, that we are able to experience the ultimate goal of meditation: a rejuvenating state of being called thoughtless awareness. We feel bliss, while our mind is silent and at peace. We overcome confusion and contradiction. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves become one. This experience is called Self-Realisation.

Through Self-Realisation we reach a higher dimension, a new area of consciousness. In that moment, duality and separation are overcome and we reach a state of union, the true meaning of ‘Yoga’. This connection physically manifests as a cool breeze at the top of our head. The essence of Sahasrara is integration: in Sahasrara all of the Chakras and their qualities are integrated. The described state of enlightenment is called by different names in different traditions: Nirvana, Moksha, second birth, the Kingdom of Heaven. Naturally, this state is not yet permanent after our first experience of Self-Realisation. We gradually establish and expand it through the daily practice of meditation.

In Life

How to open the Sahasrara

By keeping our Sahasrara chakra open throughout the day, we can avoid negative thoughts and emotions and maintain our meditative state. The Sahasrara is our stronghold, protecting us from falling into a weakened mental, physical, or emotional state.

Tips for an open Sahasrara chakra:

- When you feel negative thoughts or emotions creeping up on you, immediately put your attention at the top of your head. This can be helped by placing your palm on your fontanel bone area and massaging the Sahasrara, rotating your scalp clockwise.

- Massage your Sahasrara with coconut or almond oil. You can do this before going to bed, sleep with a towel on your pillow and then wash it out in the morning.

- Protect your Sahasrara by covering your head in winter and shielding it from strong sun in summer.

- If any negative thought starts nagging at you, try to counteract it immediately with a positive thought. Or simply tell yourself ‘Stop!’ Our mind is not always our friend and negative thoughts should not be indulged, especially in moments of stress or weakness!

Cleansing Techniques
Foot Soak

Foot Soak

Simple and inexpensive, soaking your feet in saltwater is the daily habit you didn’t know you needed. Imagine standing with your feet in the ocean, letting it soothe your stresses away and calm your mind. Luckily, foot-soaking can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

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Hand on Chakra

Hand on Chakra

We can heal ourselves with the energy that flows through our hands, once our Kundalini is awakened. Placing our hand on a Chakra is an easy and effective way of invigorating it and strengthening its qualities in us.

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Shri Mataji's Words

Shri Mataji's Words
Shri Mataji on Sahasrara Chakra
Ancient Knowledge

Know Thyself

Every faith in one way or another teaches that you must know yourself, i.e., you must realise your true Self. In the past those who sought Self-Realisation walked a path of renunciation, cleansing and meditation to achieve it, whereas others believed they could reach union through devotion. If a seeker had a teacher or Guru who was himself Self-Realised, he had a chance of getting his Kundalini awakened. But that path usually required arduous practices of sacrifice and self-discipline. Seekers of Self-Realization had to overcome all vices, attachments and baser desires in order to clean their Chakras. Many did not know how to pass it on because their own experience of the Kundalini had been spontaneous.

All of this changed in 1970, when Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in deep contemplation of the struggles of mankind, spontaneously developed a method of giving en-masse realisation, the first to achieve this in modern history. Shri Mataji gave Self-Realisation to thousands all around the world and all those who receive it are able to pass it on.

This is a unique time in history. Although our Chakras might not be fully opened, our Kundalini can rise even with just a few strands, like small threads which could ultimately form a thick rope. The Kundalini connects us, giving us the clarity and balance to see and correct ourselves, while continually healing any weaknesses in our subtle system.